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July 19, 2008
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The mermaid
By morgon smith

My name is morgon smith and this is my incredible true story. This is the story about what happened on one incredible summer.

Ch 1

It was a cool and crisp night and I was walking back from the local teen hang out which was a pizza shop near the center of town. My brown red hair flew into my face as the wind picked up. There were many shops down town and I passed a lot of them on my way home. In this small town there are normal just shops that were necessary to the people who lived in the town.  But there are some shops that aren’t used by everyone like the skin care and beauty shop which sold lotions and stuff that makes people pretty or at least pretty in there minds. But out of all these shops there was one shop that no one not even adults went to.
This particular shop was called la magic. It had a lot of strange stuff in the shop like skulls. Kids my age and older made up stories about there being a witch in the shop and the witch likes to eat children that venture into the shop. In my school apple island high you hear rumors about kids getting dared to go into the shop and never coming out. As I thought about the idea of everyone fearing the shop I got an idea.
No one ever went in the shop because they thought that they would be eaten by the witch even the older seniors in high school didn’t go in because even though they joked about the witch they too were afraid. I would do the impossible I would go into the shop that everyone feared. The idea sounded strange when I first thought of it but the more I thought about it the more I thought that it was a brilliant idea at the time.
I looked at the shops I was passing and the shop was about five shops down. There was no one around all I could hear was the sound of my shoes clicking on the pavement as I walked. Finally I reached the front of the shop. Even though the shop was strange and had strange things in it I couldn’t help but think that it was beautiful. The curly cursive script on the front of the shop was beautiful and unlike any I had seen in my whole life. I took a deep breath looked around one more time reached for the cold brass doorknob and opened the door.
The inside of the store was very musty like it hadn’t been properly dusted in years. Also I noticed that the inside was even more amazing then the outside. I could see the many skulls that decorated the strange shop. There were necklaces made of string that had silver decorations on them in the silver there were strange markings which I could not understand. The necklaces were hanging on a wooden hand with lines on it that were the kinds of lines on your hands that are used in palm reading.  There were also tarot cards and other knickknacks of the same sort. One thing was true about all of the objects in the shop and that was the fact that everything was covered in a layer of dust.
I wondered around the room for a few minuets thinking that I was the first kid to ever enter this feared shop. As I walked towards the back of the shop there was a smell of candles burning. I looked around for the source of the smell but there were no candles or at least no candles burning. That’s when I saw it there was a small room hidden from view by a curtain of beads. Against my better judgment I decided to go into the room.
I slowly pulled back the beaded curtain that led into the other room. When I passed through the beaded curtain I found the source of the smell of a candle burning. In the small back room there was dozens of candles burning. The candles were all colors white red and all the colors in between. In the center of the room there was a small wooden table with one white candle in the middle. This candle was lit just like all the other candles in the room. The more I thought about all the candles being lit I realized that for the candles to be lit someone must have been in this room and recently because the candles weren’t completely burned down.
When I realized that someone was in the room recently I started to panic. What if I was caught? In the mist of my panicking I noticed a necklace like the ones in the other room but this one was different very different. It didn’t have a symbol on it but instead there was a crescent moon on the chain. I wanted this necklace I don’t know why but I just did. I had to have it. So I took it. I am not the person who will steal but I did this time it was like I was possessed I just had to have it.
I grabbed the necklace and slowly ran out of the shop. When I stepped out of the shop I noticed that it wasn’t colder but that the wind had picked up and it was like there was a miniature wind storm outside. It was very strange since there wasn’t a lot of wind when I was outside just a few minuets ago and also there was no notice on the news that there was going to be a storm. Normally the news station could tell when there was going to be a storm of this magnitude.
The storm scared me I don’t know why but I thought it had something to do with me taking the necklace form the shop but people couldn’t control the weather. It scared me even more the more I thought about it so I started to run. I only lived about a block away from the shop. As I was running I almost tripped over a bump made by a tree in the pavement. I just kept running and running till I got to the front of my house. I stopped and took a few seconds before I entered the house.
“Morgon is that you?” called my mom Lynn from the other room.
“Yah, sorry I got home so late I got caught by the weather.” I called back. What I said wasn’t entirely true but the last part certainly was true.   
“Oh ok.” Replied my mom calling to me from the other room.  
When I got into my room I was so tired after all that I had just been through that I crashed onto the be and fell asleep as soon as I tucked my self in. I had put the necklace in my jewelry box and then I changed that was all I had time to do before I felt like I was going to fall over.

Ch 2

When I finally woke up the next morning everything felt like normal. It felt the same way that it had when I had woke up the day before but this day was different then the day before. Today was different because of the strange impulse I had yesterday to steal the necklace. The proof of that crime was sitting in my jewelry box. Why had I taken the necklace it would only get me in trouble and what if the owner of the shop finds out what I did? But it is too late now to do anything.
Maybe if I pick up and examine the necklace I can understand why I took the necklace in the first place. All of these ideas came to my mind as I sat in bed not doing anything but staring at the ceiling. As I was sitting there the events of yesterday felt like a strange dream that I couldn’t wake up from. But unfortunately this time it was not a dream it was really happening.
I slid out of my warm bed and picked up my jewelry box. I then set the box on my bed and took out the necklace. I felt the same draw to the necklace that I had felt the day before but this time it was slightly different because I actually had the necklace. I then put the necklace on I could feel the cold silver against my skin. This necklace was different then any other necklace that I had ever owned because when I put it on it was like I was a different person.
I felt different and when I looked in the mirror I even looked different. The image I saw reflected of me was the same. I had the same long brown red hair and the same blue green eyes yet there was something about my presence that had changed. I thought about it more and the more the idea of the necklace changing me was ridicules.  That was before I knew what happened. Before I knew what power that small little necklace holds. But I would soon find out what this necklace what fait had in store for me.

The very next day was a full moon at any other time this little detail would have gone by with out my notice but I would soon find out why the moon was so important.  I sometimes think about the events that I am telling you about but then I remind my self that I wouldn’t be the person that I am now if I didn’t make the mistakes that I made.
The day started off like any other day but this one was destined to be different. The day went by like normal and I didn’t really think about the cold silver necklace that now rested against my skin as much as I did the day before. By the time I started thinking about the necklace and what had happened the other night it was dark outside. I could hear the crickets chirping in the night and I could smell the night air coming from my bed room window.
I then had this strange feeling occur I wanted to go outside. So I went into the other room of my house and went outside onto the deck.  When I got out into the darkness I looked up and the first thing that I saw was the full moon. The moon was the biggest that I had ever seen. The moon had a yellow glow to it and surrounding the moon was silvery wispy looking clouds. It was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.
Then something strange happened the strangest thing that had ever happened to me since I stole the necklace. The necklace grew even colder on my neck and it started to glow as bright as the golden moon above me. The necklaces glowed for a few seconds and then it started to rise of my neck and float towards the moon I could feel the pull against my neck.
Then all of a sudden it stopped completely it was like it had never happened. But I know that it did happen. Then all of a sudden I got very dizzy and the next thing I new my vision was blurry and I passed out.
I really like mermaids and this story worked out well for the idea! i hope everyone loves it!!!
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